Toby C.

“Before I met Carla, even with as much as I worked out, I seemed to be stuck with the same results, never changing. I wasn’t getting any real muscle gain and I felt my age setting in more and more. I didn’t like how I looked, I felt tired all the time and just did not feel healthy. Carla was able to direct me on what I needed to change with my workouts and eating habits. I saw the dedication she had and as I listened to her and took her advice serious I started to see changes in my body and in my eating habits. She really listens, she studies me and sees how my body and my mind work so that she can design my workouts based on me. I do group training, personal training as well as online training through the Completely Fit app, which is great! Since working with Carla I feel more confident, I feel better health wise, I have more energy, I like how I look and I feel like I have a lot more balance in my life. Not just with my workouts and eating, but at home too.”

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