Month: February 2019


Are You A Germ-phobe?

Are you a self-proclaimed GERM-A-PHOBE?

Do you run away when you hear a sneeze?

Do you find yourself bathing in antibacterial gels after touching anything the has the slight possibility of being contaminated?

Is your favorite weapon a can of Lysol in which you always have in reach and you’re not afraid to you it?

Staying bug free and healthy is important. After all we have things to do. And I want to help you stay healthy so that, you can get things done.

Did you know…….

If your diet is lousy, you’ll get sick more often than someone who eats a healthier diet?

Yep, it’s true!

Viruses and bacterial infections will hit you harder and keep you out for longer. Meanwhile, eating poorly while you are sick will only make you sicker.

Good nutrition allows our bodies to respond to germy invaders quickly and efficiently.

And in order to function well, the cells of our immune system need plenty of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.

The most common deficiencies in a typical American diet tend to be:

  • water (low-level dehydration)
  • vitamins and minerals (not enough fruit & veggies)
  • protein (particularly in women and in men with low appetites)
  •  essential fatty acids (95% of the population is deficient here)

So instead of going on the germ attack by bathing in antibacterial gels, and perfuming with Lysol spay, why not take a strong defensive stance with a balanced healthy diet!

If you struggle with putting together and staying on a balanced diet! I am here to help. Reach out today so that you can take steps to stay healthy and on the go during this cold and flu season.

You Can Be Completely Fit!


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