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Is Juicing to Lose Weight Healthy?

Have you ever considered incorporating juicing into your diet, to reap the benefits of getting more fruits & vegetables in or to possibly jumpstart weight loss

If so, I would like you to consider a few facts.

1) The juicing process removes valuable fiber you need for healthy digestion.

2) Removing the fiber, which helps you feel full can lead to increased appetite.

3) Juice cheats your body of the chance to digest the whole fruit and robs you of a calorie-burning opportunity.

4) Eating the whole fruit and/or vegetable gives you the advantage of higher nutrient density yielding a better calorie to nutrient ratio.

5) Juicing has the potential to be very problematic for blood sugar.

Don’t worry though! You can get your fruit & vegetables through a straw if you prefer.   Blending is a fun and healthier alternative!

Blend your fruit and veggies with water, tea, yogurt, or even your favorite protein powder. Throw in a few ice cubes or use frozen fruit, think SMOOTHIE!!!  

Blended produce is a better choice than juice because blending doesn’t remove any of the beneficial parts of the fruit or vegetable, plus it adds in lots of fun! 

Blending also gives you the opportunity to incorporate a larger variety of foods that enable you to turn your healthy smoothie in to a full meal Completely Fit Shake.  A Completely Fit Shake contains all the necessary components you need to make a complete and healthy meal with the proper servings of protein, fat and carbohydrates..

So, Is juicing bad?

No, it’s not bad. There are just better choices.

In the big picture it is the accumulation of those better choices that help us to become Completely Fit!

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One Common Mistake When Losing Weight and How to Fix It!

This morning I received an e-mail from my business coaches about the necessity of taking the training wheels off in order to reach the next level with your business. The imaginary got me thinking about one very common mistake that I see many people make when trying to lose weight or wanting to get fit.
Are you ready for it? The one big mistake that I see so many people make is:
They never actually put the training wheels on!
In other words most people try to do too much too fast. As a result they set themselves up for more than what they may actually be ready for.
Most of us feel that we KNOW what we SHOULD do and that we just need to DO IT!
And quite often that is correct. Nevertheless, knowing what you should do does not mean that you are ready or equipped to do it.
If you want to make a lasting transformation you will need to begin with training wheels.
What do I mean by this?
1) Take one step at a time
If you don’t workout at all right now, committing to working out for an hour twice a day, every day is setting yourself up for failure. Start with training wheels. Start with an amount of exercise that you KNOW you can handle, even if that means doing 4-minute home workouts 5-days a week. This will help you build confidence and allow you room to build.
2) Realize that you need support
We all need to rely on a set of training wheels at some point so that we can keep keep our head up and move forward without crashing. It’s important that we have confidence in knowing that we have a support in place to keep us from falling.
3) Realize that we all need a coach
When learning to riding a bike you need a coach to watch over you, encourage you and monitor your surroundings so that you don’t crash. You also need a coach to recognize when you are ready to take the next step and loosen up and eventually remove those training wheels.
I want to encourage you with a verse from the Bible.
Zechariah 4:10a (NLT)
“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”
The principle that applies here is that More Is Not Always Better.
What you do in the beginning (training wheel) stages may seem small and insignificant at the time. But if you are faithful in the small things, God himself will transform your temple with His glory and His purpose for you!
I pray this motivates, resonates and encourages you today! If it does I would love to hear from you.
I have been on this journey. After YEARS of thinking that I didn’t need them, I learned the hard way that training wheels would help set me up for lifelong success. Not only was I able to reach and maintain my own fitness goal, I have helped countless others do the very same thing.
I can help you too!
Because I know that simple “getting on the bike” can be scary at times. For a limited time I am offering 50% off of your first month of personal online training.  In essence you are getting your first two weeks FREE!  
Consider this amazing deal as me offering to attach your training wheels for you and hold your bike while you climb on!
I’ll design a unique program just for you based on where you are at right now and where you want to go!
I want to hep you build the skills, confidence and balance that you need to start pedaling and to keep going!
Before you knowing it you will be testifying that Completely Fitness is “like riding a bike.” Once you develop the skills they become second nature!
Coach Carla
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