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At Home Full Body Fat Burning Cardio Workout

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I’ve got a great Full Body Fat Burning Creative Carlio Workout that I want to share with you!!!!

What’s Creative Carlio you ask?

It’s a cardio workout created by Carla (that’s me!) designed to get your heart rate up and burn some calories in a creative way!

This workout can be done – ANYTIMEANYWHERE!

If you are unsure about how to preform any of the exercises in this circuit or you need a modified or low-impact version I have created FREE VIDEO DEMO!!!  Just fill out the form and click the access button below!

When you are ready to give this awesome Full Body Fat Burning Workout a try, simply:

  1. Set a goal either based on how long you want to workout, how many rounds you want to complete or push yourself to complete a certain number of rounds in a specified period of time!
  2. Hit go on your timer/stopwatch app
  3. Complete your workout
  4. Then go to our Facebook page and let us know that you got it in. We would even love to see a pic!

Is Juicing to Lose Weight Healthy?

Have you ever considered incorporating juicing into your diet, to reap the benefits of getting more fruits & vegetables in or to possibly jumpstart weight loss

If so, I would like you to consider a few facts.

1) The juicing process removes valuable fiber you need for healthy digestion.

2) Removing the fiber, which helps you feel full can lead to increased appetite.

3) Juice cheats your body of the chance to digest the whole fruit and robs you of a calorie-burning opportunity.

4) Eating the whole fruit and/or vegetable gives you the advantage of higher nutrient density yielding a better calorie to nutrient ratio.

5) Juicing has the potential to be very problematic for blood sugar.

Don’t worry though! You can get your fruit & vegetables through a straw if you prefer.   Blending is a fun and healthier alternative!

Blend your fruit and veggies with water, tea, yogurt, or even your favorite protein powder. Throw in a few ice cubes or use frozen fruit, think SMOOTHIE!!!  

Blended produce is a better choice than juice because blending doesn’t remove any of the beneficial parts of the fruit or vegetable, plus it adds in lots of fun! 

Blending also gives you the opportunity to incorporate a larger variety of foods that enable you to turn your healthy smoothie in to a full meal Completely Fit Shake.  A Completely Fit Shake contains all the necessary components you need to make a complete and healthy meal with the proper servings of protein, fat and carbohydrates..

So, Is juicing bad?

No, it’s not bad. There are just better choices.

In the big picture it is the accumulation of those better choices that help us to become Completely Fit!

I have created a Free Completely Fit Shake Recipe Guide

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How To Achieve Your Fitness Goal

How many times have you set a goal and the paper you wrote it on or the app you set it in was as far as you got?

You are not alone.

The truth is goal setting is usually where most people stop, because they either don’t know what to do next or they get overwhelmed by trying to do too much too quickly.

To ATTAIN and MAINTAIN your goals, you have to build your skills for goal achievement.

Ask yourself:

  1. What’s the goal that I want to achieve?
  2. What are the skills required to attain that goal?
  3. What are the daily practices that will help build those skills?
  4. Based on the answer to #3, do you still want to achieve that goal?

In other words:

Are you willing to TAKE ACTION?

Are you willing to change?

If you are, your next step is to get some strong yet compassionate accountability to keep you on track!

If your goal is to become Completely Fit, you have come to the right place!!!!

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~ Coach Carla

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